Professional Pest Control Services Melbourne 

Residential Pest & Termite Control
Your home is your biggest financial asset which needs to be protected. Most insurers will not cover damage by termites so its very strongly recommended to have a management plan in place.

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Pest / Termite Inspections
We will inspect all areas for any evidence of termite or pest activity and provide advice on repairs and maintenance.

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Commercial Pest Control
Our specialist pest control team in Melbourne specialise in providing commercial pest control services to local businesses regardless of the industry, we will happily provide a management plan that suits your needs.

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Affordable Pest  Control Services 

Our affordable pest control services in Melbourne provide you with a thorough and comprehensive service which allows us to identify any potential risks to your property as well as providing you with a suitable pest management plan.

Our pest control services include bed bug removal, silverfish removal, bee removal, flea control, spider control and suitable rat control measures. Our companies specialises in all types of pest control services and we specifically cater to Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Our business has been built on the back of experienced building and pest inspection technicians who know what to look for and where.

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind and the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision, a suitable mantenance or prevention plan. 

Our team of professional pest inspection technicians are insured, qualified and highly experienced in assessing homes for any common building defects and signs of pest exposure which could potentially impact immediately or in the future. We provide our pest inspection reports in a simple, detailed fashion to ensure that it is easy to understand and completely transparent.

Make sure that your biggest financial asset is looked after.

Termite Inspections in Melbourne need to be done by people who are familiar with the climate, the area and pests which inhabit the region. Our team have lived, worked and grown up in the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne so they know exactly what to look for and where. By utilising a professional building inspection company who provides pest control services we guarantee that if we see something, we will make sure that it is bought to your attention. We don’t just tick the boxes that we have to, we ensure that our clients receive not only outstanding service but also a fine eye detail.

If you need a reliable Building and Pest inspection in Melbourne from a trusted and experienced company, we are always here to help.

Friendly Staff

Our friendly team consists of highly skilled, professional people who take the time to communicate with you and discuss any concerns you may have.


Licensed Accredited & Insured. Look no further. Our professional team has never had to make a claim.

Customer Satisfaction

With our experience , you can be confident of attention of care taken out on your property.