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Building Inspections
We understand that time is of the essence when obtaining a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. We will book it all for you and have the report to you within 24 hours

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Pest & Termite Inspections
We will inspect all areas for any evidence of termite or pest activity and provide advice on repairs and maintenance.

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Pest & Termite Control Services
Whether you think you might have a problem or just wanting to do an annual check up, we can take care of any pest control services that you need.

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Melbourne Building & Pest Inspections  

We specialise in providing you with a thorough and comprehensive building and pest inspection service; giving you the peace of mind and help you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Our team of professionals are insured, qualified and highly experienced in assessing homes for any common building defects which could potentially impact you in the future. We provide our building and pest inspection reports in a simple, detailed fashion to ensure that it is easy to understand and completely transparent.

Make sure this is your dream home – not a financial disaster

If you need a reliable Building and Pest inspection in Melbourne from a trusted and experienced company, we are always here to help.

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Friendly Staff

Our friendly team consists of highly skilled, professional people who take the time to communicate with you and discuss any concerns you may have.


 Licensed Accredited & Insured. Look no further.

Client Satisfaction

With our experience, you can be confident of attention of care taken out on your property.

Experienced Building Inspections in Melbourne


Buying a new home can come with a long and potentially unsettling list of ‘what ifs’. While it is never a good idea to dwell on the unknown, putting in place a course of action before committing to a new home in Melbourne is something you should certainly consider. After all, buying a house is likely to be the most significant purchase throughout the course of your life, and having all the information available at your disposal is vital. At Select House Inspections, we provide that peace of mind with our experienced staff and accredited pre-purchase and pre-handover house inspections. With an emphasis on detail, and with industry knowledge and experience, Select House Inspections will tick every box on the list. Our building and pest inspectors will come out to your Melbourne property or the property in question, and run a fully insured home inspection to ensure a hassle-free transition.

We will go through every nook, every cranny, and every hard to reach pace, in order to offer a full and comprehensive building report, so that you can make the best possible decision.

Why Choose SELECT  For Your Melbourne Property?

While keeping the costs down when it’s time to either buy or sell a house is ideal, being as diligent as possible can only save you heartbreak in the future. Our team of professional property inspectors will conduct both a building and pest inspection, and offer the appropriate recommendations or warning signs, should they present themselves. This won’t only provide you with all the relevant information, but in all likelihood, save you money and time down the road

Admittedly, some houses can seem ‘perfect’ upon first glance, giving you that instant feeling of ‘home’ and ‘buy now’ mentality. While we will always encourage intuition and the warm and fuzzy feelings you get upon first entering a house, it still pays to have a professional team of building and pest inspectors on your side. Select House Inspections have helped hundreds of families make more informed decisions, by highlighting structural defects, be it minor or more serious, signs of timber pests and other unwanted guests, as well as a range of other problems that are often overlooked or undetected upon first glance. It is our job to be as thorough as possible, and offer our inspection reports with an objective approach. With all the facts firmly in your back pocket, and with a new insight into the property, it is only natural for the negotiating stage and subsequent transaction to be a more favourable one.

What Select House Inspections Look for

As well as structural damage or any immediate safety hazards that may be present, our team of building inspectors will look for the following when carrying out your Melbourne house inspection:

Internal and External areas including the walls, doors, and windows areas
Any signs of moisture in the bathroom wall, as well as the effectiveness of the drainage and plumbing systems
The integrity of the driveway paths, and steps
The safety and compliance of any renovations
Internal and External areas including the walls, doors, and windows areas
Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry cabinets and bench tops
Plumbing Fixtures and fittings, toilets, baths, vanity basins, sinks & taps
Electrical fittings, power points, and light fittings
Roofing, gutters, valleys, downpipes, eaves, fascia, barges, skylights, vents & flues
Stairs, balustrade, and handrails
Surface water drainage

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