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ants exterminator melbourne

  • Ants are able to lead to structural damage to your property and also are able to spread harmful germs to your food.
  • Ants are able to get into your house through tiny holes and cracks in your house’s foundation, doorstep as well as window seals, woodwork and brick
  • Ants make use of pheromone trails to entice huge amounts of worker ants to fatty or sugary foods anywhere in your house like the cooking area, bathrooms, living bedrooms and rooms
  • Lots of people aren’t troubled by ants, but unless you cope with an infestation in its really initial phases ants could be challenging to eliminate on your own
  • An expert integrated pest management program may be the fastest way to completely and quickly eradicate an ant infestation as well as provide you with protected, durable protection
  • Only certain species like fire ants and bull ants bite and sting, however when they do, ants are able to cause considerable pain and discomfort. Ants are scavengers by nature. They frequently wander into trash, rotting food along with other unsanitary places as well as spread disease. It is vital that you have ants taken from kitchens and food storage areas as swiftly as you possibly can.

How to Identify Ants

ants types   ants exterminator melbourne

Common characteristics of adult ants

  • They have 3 part bodies that comprise of a head, an abdomen and a thorax
  • They have tough, waterproof exoskeleton
  • They have 2 antennae that is used to identify various other ant colony members.
  • They have axillary palps to identify scents
  • Their mandibles are employed for grasping, fighting (biting) and carrying
  • Their 6 legs located on the thorax
  • Their reproductive parts along with other vital organs are in the abdomen
  • They have tiny holes named spiracles which consume and release carbon dioxide

How Problematic are Ants?

ants exterminator melbourne

  • Ants are highly adaptive insect
  • They can rapidly infest domestic locations where food and shelter are available
  • Ants pose significant health consequences to humans
  • Ants spread pathogens as well as bacteria which contaminate food preparation and work surfaces
  • Ants come into contact a organic matter, including sewage, and garbage
  • Bacteria and pathogens attached on the hairs of the ants’ abdomen and legs
  • Ants deposit a bacteria trail anywhere they move
  • Ants may walk over utensils leaving behind dangerous bacteria which may cause illnesses including: gastroenteritis, typhoid, dysentery, poliomyelitis, salmonella, e.coli, staph infection

In most ants species, males remain winged throughout life, and females are winged until after mating. Certain wingless females, called workers, are usually barren. The fertilized female becomes the queen of the community, with the sole function of laying eggs. The males die after mating, and the work of the community is largely done by the workers, which also care for the young. The nest of many species commonly consist of chamber and galleries excavated under stones or logs or underground; some species construct their nests in mounds of earth and vegetable matter or in decayed trees. The ant family contains more than 4500 described species, widely distributed in temperate


Ants are generally omnivorous, some species, however, eat only certain specialised foods. Most ants build some sort of nest and store food there. A few species of ants have developed highly specialized agricultural or pastoral habits. Pogonomyrmex molefacients of texas frequents held of grass, harvesting and storing the grass seeds some species of the widely distributed harvester ants, which gather grain for food, have developed specialized workers, sometimes called soldiers, with enlarged jaws, and these soldiers do virtually nothing but crack the seeds for the other ants to eat.

Some ants, capable of learning to find their way through fairly complex mazes, and they normally utilize this ability in establishing individual foraging routes from nest. The learning capacity of ants is rigidly limited, however is stereotyped and restricted. The complexities of ants organization that seem so remarkable to humans are actually a series of simple cues and responses.

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