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Select Pest & Termite Control use only the best termite treatment chemicals on the market

When it comes to successfully treating your Melbourne home or business for termites, look no further than Select Pest & Termite Control. With our range of pest & termite control services, coupled with a professional team of pest and termite control experts, Select Pest & Termite Control are ready to clear your property and put in place, effective preventative measures. One component of a successful termite action plan is of course the chemical profile and treatment product we implement, and when it comes to leading the pack, our relationship with Termidor is what separates us from the rest. With over three hundred thousand homeowners across an impressive fifteen-year span having had their homes and businesses treated with Termidor (without a single product failure to date) it’s safe to say that the termite products we use here at Select Pest & Termite Control is industry-leading. With a generous and unmatched eight-year warranty, it’s easy to see why Termidor is Australian’s number one trusted brand when it comes to effective termite control procedures.

In other words, and should your Melbourne home or business fall victim to these nasty timber pests (or any other type of unwanted guests), Select Pest & Termite Control are ready to come in and implement the scientifically proven composition that makes up Termidor’s wonderful products.

Termidor and Select Pest & Termite Control: A powerful duo in termite treatment

With the Genuine Transfer Effect of Termidor, which takes advantage of the travel routes and hive behavioural patterns of termites living in large colonies, eradicating a plague of timber pests has never been more effective. The unknowing termites come into contact with Termidor, with the aid of its non-repellent technology, while unable to detect its presence. Then, as by way of its trademarked name, the ‘transfer effect’ takes place, as the infected termites return to the nest, bringing the chemicals into the heart of the colony. As this process repeats itself, you can see how even larger infestations can be reduced to practically nothing. No other termiticide performs as well as Termidor, and that has been proven, time and time again. In fact, an independent and accredited laboratory tested the key chemical properties of range of generic products against the might of Termidor, allowing us to make such a conclusion. The specific testing provide that six of the eight properties found in the generic products were indeed inferior to Termidor. Select Pest & Termite Control, upon sourcing the best products on the market, thus only use Termidor when dealing with a plague of termites throughout the Melbourne area, and our team of professional pest and termite controllers are all very equipped to handle such a treatment. Our team will first conduct an in-depth termite inspection, and if termites are present, start the appropriate course of action with either Termidor Dry or Termidor Foam to quickly stop the timber-pest activity in your home. From there, a trench will be dug around your home which will naturally extend to the foundations, and the rest of the process will unfold, including concrete cutting to treat the ground beneath. If you have pavers, they may be lifted to again treat the earth below before being re-laid


Select Pest & Termite Control will survey your Melbourne home of business and utilize the highly effective treatment chemicals of Termidor, should your property require it. If you require our services, contact us today.

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