Termite Treatment Melbourne

The termite industry has made a lot of changes over the years in how they undertake termite treatments in Melbourne and the surround regions. Termite treatments in Melbourne and the rest of Australia have had to make ethical changes to the chemicals that they use along with how they are applied.

Are termite treatments tailored to my property needs?

Yes, one size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to termite treatments. Our termite treatment plans are tailored what your property needs and take into consideration things like your property location, exposures on your property, type of dwelling and the occupancy.

Termite treatment chemicals are a lot less harmful than you think.

Most people assume that pest control chemicals are extremely harsh on the environment your property and the consumption may cause harm to you or your family. Yes, in some circumstances the chemicals that are used could potentially be harmful however, most chemicals that are used on a regular basis are completely fine to be sprayed around people, pets and including infants. Would we recommend drinking it – definitely not however, is it safe for you and your family to be around it, yes. If you come into contact with a termite control solvent or spray a simple wash of the hands will usually be sufficient to remove any potential risk.